Embroidery: A True Art

Embroidery is an art where a person uses their hands to decorate a piece of fabric or any other type of material by use of thread and needle. This is an art that may not be known by many as it requires a certain level of expertise to come up with the required design. Since it is a handcrafted art, some people may look down upon a person if they told them that their full-time career is embroidery. Those people who may look down on this kind of business, however, tend to miss something very important that, without the existence of this art, they would not be wearing these custom-made clothes. It is important to note that even people in the business of automobiles depend on this beautiful art to perfect their end products.


Embroidery is an art that dates back in the olden times. Research has been done and it shows that this fine art dates way back in the third century BC.  There are remaining pieces of embroidery that had been crafted back then which the wealthy end up buying and keeping them as a display to showcase a certain type of class. Today, the art of embroidery is done on blankets, coats, hats, denim clothes, dress shirts and any other places one may prefer. In most schools where pupils and students wear uniforms, they often put logos on the school uniform shirts, sweaters, and even coats to display the school name on the clothes. These logos usually are made by this handicraft art of embroidery.


The main technique of embroidery that has been adapted from the old times includes buttonhole or blanket stitch, chain stitch, running stitch, cross stitch and satin stitch. All these are old techniques but have remained fundamental to hand embroidery up to today.  The art of embroidery has advanced so much such that it has now been automated. There are machines that have been developed that can do mass embroidery in cases where production is expected to be high.


Embroidery should however not be confused with monogramming. These two arts differ although they may seem closely related. In monogramming, the design consists of single or two letters that are combined or interlaced, for instance, when creating someone's or a brands initials which are then printed on stationery or embroidered on clothes. Look up monograming Columbia SC to get a better idea about this. 


In conclusion, we can say that these two arts, embroidery and monogramming have become a useful way of personalizing things such as clothes, caps or even other professional accessories. They have eased the art of customizing products. If a person receives a gift that has embroidery in it, they feel connected to the gift as it has a personal touch with the recipient. Check out embroidery columbia sc services online to get started! 


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