Using Embroidery for Any Branding Style

Branding adopts several designing techniques for the logo. However, some techniques have unique advantages that make them ideal for uniforms. Embroidery is one of the branding techniques that most entities use on their uniforms. The choice of embroidery over other techniques comes from its ability to fit in any branding style including monogramming.


Use on Uniforms

The various benefits that embroidery offers make the technique ideal for uniforms. The technique creates logos that are durable, easy to wash, and professional. It also appears carefully designed when used on uniforms. High-end entities as well as the ones that handle tough jobs such as construction use embroidery on their staff uniforms due to the said qualities.


When to Use Embroidery

This technique befits uniform options and any other kind of uniform. It is ideal for members of staff who use different uniforms during certain times. Additionally, the technique is equally applicable for a one-off kind of uniform. One of the factors that determine the use of embroidery is the nature of work that the employees undertake. Professionalism and methods of washing also come in handy in the employment of embroidery on uniforms. Importantly, embroidery results in uniforms that have a permanent brand and entities do not need to keep on ordering for branded uniform.


Embroidery Process

This process entails the creation of a highly detailed artwork image that is converted into a file format. The latter is then fed to an embroidery machine that reads the file and creates the image on the fabric. The machines spin threads on the fabric several times: an exercise that takes a very short time. The resultant image is a durable logo that has the same lifespan as the garment.


Best Types of Clothing for Embroidery

One can use the technique on clothing that requires frequent washing. Some types of jobs soil the uniform quite often, and there is a need to wash the uniform frequently. Embroidery monograming stands the washing and it remains original. The other type of clothing that is ideal for embroidery is single-skinned fabric. This clothing does not have a lining, and embroidery becomes easy on such fabric.  Lastly, there are some fabrics that cannot stand any other branding technique due to their nature. This element leaves embroidery as the only technique that one can use to brand those fabrics. 


If one needs a brand image that lasts for a long time, then embroidery is the best technique that they should consider using on the fabrics.a


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